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Shared CPD

Manor MAT have an embedded coaching culture, annual MAT conference and awards evenings, National Professional Qualifications through our Teaching School Hub. Recent leading practitioners include Dr Debra Kidd, Dr Andy Cope and Pivotal Education.


The central finance team offers monthly budget meetings, management reports, and payroll services to ensure that schools feel in control of their financial processes without being overwhelmed. They collaborate with schools to develop a comprehensive budget based on analysis of their financial position and future plans, providing support for financial, back office, and business functions, as well as training for Office Managers and Business Managers.

Digital Services

The Digital Services team is a crucial part of the central offer for the Trust and schools, providing Infrastructure & Technical Support, Web, Media, Marketing & Communications, Data Management & Information Analysis, Data Protection & Cyber Security, and Ed-Tech/Curriculum. The team ensures that all staff has access to adequate equipment and facilities to provide the best education services for children and families.


Offers a core package of services to schools which includes working closely with leadership teams to realise their school vision, designing, budgeting and planning future building developments and improvements, managing school refurbishments of any scale, coordinating all statutory testing and servicing for each school, supporting leadership with management, training, recruitment and development of all site staff and cleaners, and offering support with Health & Safety alongside key external providers.

Manor MAT's Central Team has a broad offering to schools, providing resource and experience to schools that enhances the learning experience for children, motivates staff and provides unique opportunities for schools and their communities.

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The extensive support provided by our Central Team means that as a headteacher I can really focus the quality of education provided for our children and it frees me up to work alongside and support my staff to be the very best that they can be.

A Manor MAT Headteacher

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