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All schools within Manor Multi Academy Trust have experienced improved student outcomes and increased admissions due to parents recognising the high quality of education provided in our schools.

One advantage our teachers enjoy is the opportunity for shared professional development and promotion prospects within the trust. With a network of 9 schools, employing over 400 staff members and catering to over 3300 students, we are constantly seeking further growth.

In our trust, we firmly believe in leading by example and uphold our core values of integrity, ambition, collaboration, and inclusion. We are fortunate to have inspirational individuals within our central team who utilise their remarkable skill sets to support and nurture our schools, fostering positive energy and enthusiasm. They encourage individuality and foster creative thinking, resulting in continuous improvement within our schools. Consequently, our children are motivated to believe that they can overcome any obstacle and achieve the impossible.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone involved with the Manor Multi Academy Trust, including students, staff members, parents, and community volunteers, is highly motivated and engaged, enriching their lives through their association with us.

Each of our academies plays a vital role in its local community. It is crucial for each school to have the freedom and opportunity to respond to the needs of parents and children, crafting solutions tailored to their specific context. As a family of academies, we celebrate diversity and individuality. While we recognise that no school or community is identical, we hold high expectations for everyone within the trust. With the support of the Manor family, we are confident that every academy will provide an exceptional learning experience for the children, enabling them to make remarkable progress.

If your school is interested in enhancing its performance and has valuable insights to share, we encourage you to contact us for a discussion about your school's aspirations.

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