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We are passionate about system-led change – our Trust is built upon the principle of schools supporting schools. We are very open in our approach and readily share our resources and thinking, both within the family and with our neighbouring schools.

The story so far

Take a look at the timeline of Manor Multi Academy Trust

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Vision, culture and ethos


A. Clarity of purpose

Manor Multi Academy Trust stands out for its unwavering commitment to educational excellence. With a clear and compelling vision, Manor MAT drives quality education across its schools. Through systematic support and effective communication, the trust empowers schools to continuously improve. Manor MAT exemplifies its vision through aligned language and practical examples, establishing trust-wide expectations. Distinct roles for driving school improvement are defined and regularly reviewed. Manor MAT ensures alignment around its educational vision, where fidelity to the vision guides all key decisions. With relentless dedication, Manor MAT transforms education, positively impacting students' lives.

People and partners


A. Building capacity for improvement

Manor Multi Academy Trust is dedicated to building a robust capacity for improvement across its educational network. MAT leaders meticulously organise teaching and learning support, guided by an evidence-informed theory of action and proven impact. They possess a deep understanding of the specific expertise within the trust and effectively leverage it to support other schools while nurturing system leaders in collaboration with key partners. Manor MAT leaders exhibit self-awareness, acknowledging their weaknesses and devising plans to address them, actively seeking opportunities to learn from and collaborate with others. The trust adopts thoughtful approaches to utilising system leaders and lead practitioners, promoting knowledge transfer through coaching, modeling, and inquiry-led learning. Additionally, recognised hubs of expertise, such as the Teaching School Hub or National Leaders of Education, play an integral role in supporting school improvement within the Manor MAT framework.

Teaching and learning


A. Approach to pedagogy

Manor MAT adopts a robust approach to teaching and learning, firmly rooted in core principles derived from a wide range of evidence-based practices. These principles serve as a foundation and enable meaningful discussions on teaching and learning across the trust. Manor MAT provides regular opportunities for teaching staff to observe and learn from exceptional practices, fostering professional growth and development. MAT leaders establish clear expectations for the learning environment, ensuring access to robust systems for behavioural support when needed, resulting in consistently high standards throughout the trust. The expertise within Manor MAT, both at the phase and subject levels, plays a crucial role in developing excellent pedagogy across different subjects and phases. Furthermore, innovative approaches are carefully introduced and thoroughly evaluated before being implemented trust-wide, ensuring their effectiveness and impact on teaching and learning.

Curriculum and assessment


A. Curriculum principles, intent and alignment

Manor Multi Academy Trust operates with a clear focus on curriculum principles and intent, which guide the efforts of leaders and staff across its academies. There is a shared understanding among staff regarding expectations for pupil progress, regularly benchmarked both within and outside the trust. Manor MAT fosters a collective vision regarding what pupils should know and achieve, driving a disciplined and evidence-based approach to curriculum development. Staff possess a comprehensive grasp of which elements of the curriculum are standardised and where they have the autonomy to innovate, aligning their curriculum with the broader MAT's intent. They are encouraged and supported by the trust to develop and access shared resources, evaluating their effectiveness. Regular reviews of the curriculum from the pupils' perspective are conducted by MAT leaders, ensuring continuity of learning and facilitating seamless transitions.

Quality assurance and accountability


A. Knowing schools quantitatively

The Trust places a strong emphasis on leveraging data to gain quantitative insights into its schools. Data is widely shared throughout the trust, facilitating regular and action-oriented conversations with schools. At all levels, ranging from the classroom to the school level, Manor MAT effectively utilises a comprehensive range of available data to identify progress-related issues and implement targeted interventions. Performance and progress of each school, as well as the trust as a whole, are benchmarked against regional and national schools/MATs with similar characteristics, providing valuable context. Manor MAT has developed a well-defined data strategy that ensures timely access to data for MAT and school leaders and staff throughout the year. The implementation of a single Management Information System (MIS) across the trust allows for efficient data analysis by school or student group, minimising staff workload. Performance conversations within Manor MAT prioritise improvement and development, with evidence serving as a guiding force.

Governance capability


A. Governance structures and skills

The Trust ensures that governance structures actively support school improvement. School improvement is an integral part of the trust board and local boards' business cycles, fostering a strong culture of scrutiny and challenge at all levels. The MAT board and its committees, including local bodies, are provided with a comprehensive overview of school performance across the trust. This includes both performance data and qualitative information, enabling them to regularly challenge school leaders. Manor MAT prioritises reviewing the skills and expertise at the board level to ensure a balanced understanding of education and a clear focus on school improvement. Development opportunities are provided with a specific emphasis on school improvement. The scheme of delegation clearly outlines the responsibilities for developing the overall school improvement strategy, implementing it effectively, and evaluating the impact of school improvement activities on pupils.

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