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Digital Services

The Digital Services team is a crucial part of the central offer for the Trust and schools, providing Infrastructure & Technical Support, Web, Media, Marketing & Communications, Data Management & Information Analysis, Data Protection & Cyber Security, and Ed-Tech/Curriculum. The team ensures that all staff has access to adequate equipment and facilities to provide the best education services for children and families.

The Digital Services team form part of the core central offer for the Trust and schools. The team has a highly experienced and balanced support unit for all the areas it consists of. Our MAT Digital strategy aims to deliver high expectations and ambitious results as well as to maintain quality of service and delivery.


The high dependency of technology in education is critical to providing the very best services to our children and families. It is important for our team to ensure that all staff have more than adequate equipment and facilities to be able to deliver the very best for our communities.


The Team has 5 areas of focus support using our MAT Digital Strategy:


  • Infrastructure & Technical Support

  • Web, Media, Marketing & Communications

  • Data Management & Information Analysis

  • Data Protection & Cyber Security

  • Ed-Tech / Curriculum

These identified areas are crucial to ensure security of our information we hold and use in everyday school life but also be able to use this effectively to support our decision making and produce quality work.


We live and breathe all the media we create with our schools to positively promote everything the schools achieve and the successes they have. We produce quality media such as promotional videos to capture the great work and collaboration across the Trust that is shared with our communities.


With our children at the heart of all we do it is vital they are protected and e-Safety ready and ensure the technology environments are safe and prepared for their generation. We regularly promote and train staff in the five focus areas and ensure they understand their own responsibilities for promoting the technology and data safe culture.


Centralisation of many IT services across the Trust has increased efficiency in several ways from not only a support perspective, but also financial element and we aim to continue this journey where we can maximise our school budgets when making those strategic decisions. Our underpinning policies determine our course of actions to provide us with the right guidance and ability to understand why we must do things the way we do to protect all individuals and the Trust.


The digital vision of the Trust is cultivated to reflect the future needs of all our schools and communities we serve daily. Being innovative with our ideas and forward thinking solutions is important to our continual development and we harvest the ideas and requirements of our people to find the right balance in the services we provide. Working with our partners and suppliers we ensure we can move with freedom to achieve our goals with great success.

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