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Working Together with Schools

The central finance team offers monthly budget meetings, management reports, and payroll services to ensure that schools feel in control of their financial processes without being overwhelmed. They collaborate with schools to develop a comprehensive budget based on analysis of their financial position and future plans, providing support for financial, back office, and business functions, as well as training for Office Managers and Business Managers.


As a central finance team we take pride in offering our schools a friendly and solution focused service which has the needs of the pupils and staff at its core. The finance team is qualified and experienced, and works closely with schools to provide expert advice and support.


Managing finance can be one of the most complex and time consuming tasks for a school. We work with you to ensure that you feel in control of your budget and financial processes but don’t have the heavy workload that this often brings. We offer monthly budget meetings and management reports to ensure our schools are always up to date with their financial position.



We believe that by working together with schools to develop a comprehensive budget, we can help ensure that schools are financially stable and well-prepared for the future. The budget is based on a thorough analysis of each school's financial position, and future plans, ensuring that it is realistic and achievable.

Stock Market

We work with staff in our school offices to ensure that they feel supported in their role and we host a half termly SBM meeting, where we meet to discuss current issues and share best practices. The finance team is contactable five days a week and works 52 weeks per year.

As a central team we ensure that all statutory returns required of the DfE, ESFA and company law are adhered to. The Trust is subject to annual audit and undertakes an internal audits, ensuring propriety, regularity and legal compliance.

We offer services and support for:


  • Payroll and pension services

  • Budget setting

  • Financial planning and monitoring, including a three year budget model

  • Support for all financial, back office and business functions

  • Training and support for all Office Managers and Business Managers

  • Procurement advice and negotiation

  • Audit, legal and tax compliance


The Trust accounts and financial health are public documents and available on our website. They show a very healthy financial position for the Trust.


The offer from the finance team allows schools to be confident that their finances are in safe hands. By supporting all back-office and business functions we allow schools to focus on their core mission of providing high-quality education to their children.

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