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Pupils and staff are at the heart of our estates vision to transform the learning environments of our schools and ensure our buildings are continually being developed and improved to maximise the teaching and learning opportunities of our school spaces. 

A streamlined approach to property maintenance and servicing brings all schools in the trust under our estates management structure to ensure all schools are compliant, safe and meet all statutory requirements, easing the burden on school leaders to focus on teaching and learning and ensure efficient use of school maintenance budgets.


The trust receives School Condition Allocation (SCA) funding each year which is used to target the larger building condition improvement projects. The trust SCA strategy identifies the areas of the building to prioritise first and is working towards all schools reaching the same level, for example all schools having new roofs, heating systems, fire safety systems and lighting.

Core offer of Manor MAT Estates Management:

  • Working alongside school leadership teams to turn their school vision into reality.


  • Designing, budgeting and planning future building developments and improvements.


  • Project management of school refurbishments from one classroom mini refurbs to large scale whole school improvements.


  • All statutory testing and servicing co-ordinated, procured and recorded for each school.


  • Supporting leadership with management, training, recruitment and development of all site staff and cleaners.


  • Supporting school leaders with Health & Safety alongside key external providers.


Manor MAT works collaboratively with their family of schools to improve and develop school buildings through school and trust funded projects. As a team, we ensure we are evolving our buildings to meet the needs of our pupils now and in the future. This is achieved by the effective and efficient use of budgets, working with trusted contractors and advisors and also standardising equipment and services across all schools.

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