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Meeting the public sector equality duty (PSED) [updated May 2024]

The Manor MAT Trust Board will:

  • Ensure that the Trust complies with the appropriate equality legislation and regulations.

  • Meet its obligations under the PSED to:

    • Publish equality objectives at least every four years commencing on the date of the last publication.

    • Update and publish information every year to demonstrate Trust compliance with the PSED.

  • Ensure that the Trust’s policies and procedures are developed and implemented with appropriate equality impact assessments informing future plans.

  • Ensure that each school’s Admissions Policies do not discriminate in any way.

  • Ensure equal opportunities in its staff recruitment and promotion practices, professional development programmes and in membership of the Trust Board and school PCAFs.

  • Proactively recruit high-quality applicants from under-represented groups.

  • Provide information in appropriate and accessible formats.

  • Ensure that the necessary disciplinary measures are in place to enforce expectations.


The Chief Executives will:

  • Implement and champion the PSED and Trust procedures.

  • Ensure that all staff members receive the appropriate equality and diversity training as part of their induction and CPD.

  • Ensure that all parents, visitors and contractors are aware of, and comply with, the Trust expectations.

  • Actively challenge and take appropriate action in any case of discriminatory practice.

  • Address any reported incidents of harassment or bullying in line with DfE guidance.


Employees will:

  • Be mindful of any incidents of harassment or bullying in the Trust.

  • Track and monitor any instances of discrimination and deal with these in a consistent manner, making a report to the headteacher as necessary and following up with pupils as required.

  • Identify and challenge bias and stereotyping within the curriculum and the Trust’s culture.

  • Promote equality and good relations, and not harass or discriminate in any way.

  • Monitor pupils’ progress and needs to ensure the appropriate support is in place.

  • Keep up-to-date with equality legislation and its application by attending the appropriate training.

  • Champion diversity and inclusion.


Pupils will:

  • Not discriminate or harass any other pupil or staff member.

  • Actively encourage equality and diversity in the Trust by contributing their cultural experiences and values.

  • Report any incidences of bullying or harassment, whether to themselves or to others, to a member of staff.

  • Abide by all the Trust’s equality and diversity policies, procedures and codes.

Manor MAT Equality and Information Objectives Statement 2022-26
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