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In a whirlwind of recent events, the Junior Leaders visit the historic Houses of Parliament. Meanwhile Foxyards Academy have a special LIVE feature on BBC Newsround and adding to the buzz we proudly launched our Manor-Festo. 

Manor MAT children make their voices heard!

"What about us?"

Our Manor-Festo is based on detailed research that represents all the children’s ideas and opinions from Y2 to Y6 in all nine schools across the Manor Trust.


Here is what the children said.


In the survey, children were asked to place in order nine different things they will need help with when they get older. The graphs show their answers.


All the children were asked to rate with 1 – 5 stars how positive or happy they feel now with different parts of their lives.


The graphs show the answers.


The children in Y2 to Y6 were asked, what are the biggest challenges in your life now? The graphs show their answers.


These are our pupils’ voices; we want politicians to listen to what we have to say.

“The Junior Leadership Teams and children from across all nine schools in the Manor Trust are offering a positive future for all with the changes that need to be made to make children’s lives better.”


It is a Manor-Festo for HOPE!

  • All children have a safe and supportive family life where there is enough money, food and a good place to live.

  • All children live in a society where good relationships with friends and grown-ups are a priority and help is there if needed.

  • All children have access to a world class education with support if they find learning difficult.

  • All children live in a society where we are not judged by our appearance.

  • All children can use the internet safely and are protected online and when using social media.” 

  • All children can see doctors and dentists for good physical health and feel happiness for good mental health.



How happy are you about these areas in your life?

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